Efficient City

Towards Low Carbon Living

Rather than focusing on targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we now see an increasing emphasis on the need for decarbonization – that is, for uncoupling economic growth and social well-being from the use of carbon-based fuels.

We can grab the opportunities that are presented by our growing cities. We can see innovations, social innovations, technical innovations. And I think identifying those opportunities are really where some of the existing cities have real chance to make a substantive change. The first technology or technologies are to become an energy efficient.

We need to get serious about energy efficiency and energy savings. Because, our businesses, communities, and our environment would benefit–make them healthy, sustainable. And we can, we can save energy everywhere, from buildings to cars to industry. There are opportunities everywhere to save energy through efficiency. I think businesses, local government, and educational institutes, and communities, should work together to support delivered technologies that are compelling & innovative. And when we find it and start using it in our cities then I think we create success.