Building a Healthy Community

Join US: Together, We can make our Community Vibrant, Active, and Productive.

We believe that community health center facilities and wellness programs provider will encourage residents to make healthy choices and live healthy and productive lives.
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation asserts that while the connections between poverty and poor health have long been recognized, a new but growing movement is tackling these issues in innovative ways by connecting two sectors—community development and health—that have previously worked in relative isolation from each other. Read More: Making The Case

Our built environment offers both opportunities for and barriers to improving public health and increasing active living. Communities designed in a way that supports physical activity—wide sidewalks, safe bike lanes, accessible recreation areas—encourage residents to make healthy choices and live healthy lives.

For example, research points to a link between an unhealthy workforce and unhealthy communities. At the smaller scale, even when an employer implements health-promoting strategies at the workplace, if employees then go home to unhealthy neighborhoods, the workplace progress is compromised. So, businesses and communities are working together to find ways to collaborate on investments in education, job training, and wellness programs.

Furthermore, data reveals linkages between health, education and job preparedness. When regional businesses and employers invest in the health—and therefore economic vitality—of the communities they call home, they see benefits to the bottom line and to the regional economy.