Julian Farquhar

Julian Farquhar is an Advertising Creative Director and Marketing Strategist. He originally studied film in the British film School in London, and Visual Communication in New Zealand, culminating in a career in Advertising spanning more than 20 years. Julians career began with Ogilvy and Mather, and continued with Saatchi and Saatchi and after several years at Lowe GGK in an entrepreneurial fever he started his own agency with a colleague. That company continues today with over 75 staff and many of central Europes largest clients.

His expertise lies in finding ways to communicate the mundane into something extraordinary, and finding an angle to turn thinking on its head to reform opinions. After promoting many of the largest global companies from Pepsi to Tesco to Mercedes cars, and Proctor and Gamble, he has turned his attention to the goals and passions of NGI.

In his current role as ‘Communications Director’ at ‘Peoplemine’, he is responsible for building the sales strategy and ground level communication for hundreds of small businesses bringing their customer data to life and enabling them to act on the information.

This diverse media and International Advertising Agency background has given Julian the ability to approach a wide variety of subjects in a creative and engaging way. His passion for communication joins with his belief in sustainable living as the only practical way to continue life on this planet. His vision for the NGI is to present and communicate the core values and principles in such a way that they become the norm, rather than the alternative. As a side he really loves the dynamic of life and that going green can be an exciting and enduring way of living at the leading edge of commerce and commonsense.

In his personal life he produces his own Prosciutto hams, bacons and Schnapps, recycles, and has a mud house in Hungary.