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Community Engagement for conservation .

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According to Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority, Ethiopia is losing between 150,000 and 200,000 hectares’ forest cover per year.


Youth feed the hungry through sustainable gardening.

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In 2014, The Greenhouse Project provided 4,000 pounds of vegetables to local Food Banks and to the Carson High School Culinary program. To meet the growing need for fresh vegetables, this project will expand access and support local fresh food systems for those in need, and promote healthy eating. It will continue providing job-training skills for young adults, including special needs students.


Opportunities for smallholder farmers:

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According to Marco International Inc. (2008), forty-seven percent of Ethiopian children under five years are chronically malnourished.
Purpose: to target 900 Ethiopian smallholder men and women farmers to increase vegetable production, to engage them in preservation to reduce post-harvest loss, and to link marketing knowledge with production decisions. This, in turn, will improve livelihoods, income, household nutrition, and opportunities to acquire new skills and technology.

Sustainability Enabling Smallholders:
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Forty to fifty percent of horticultural crops produced in developing countries are lost before they can be consumed.
We enable 1500 Ethiopian smallholder fruits producers to use hybrid renewable energy drying technologies to transfer fresh produce into new cash crops as dried fruits. These technologies would help reduce post-harvest loss of fruits, support smallholder farmers to generate a sustainable income, create new skills, and economic opportunities for the region.

Women Leaders for Sustainable Communities:
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In terms of equal economic participation and opportunity for women, Pakistan ranked 141st among 142 countries on the Global Gender Gap Report 2014.

65 Pakistani women subjected to gender discrimination are targeted, to provide them with leadership training focusing on sustainability principles as poverty reduction strategies to enhance livelihoods, their communities, and local ecosystems. Ultimately, equal participation of women can lead the foundation for sustainable communities as women leadership promotes gender equality.

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Our Purpose: To encourage green innovation and sustainable best practices through knowledge exchange.

To understand how our activities and decisions impact our economy, community and environmental health, we link regional knowledge to promote sustainability principles. Our approach linking regional knowledge for a sustainable future will bring diverse stakeholders together throughout the region to initiate a dialogue on sustainable related issues and to work on developing potential solutions to advance sustainable best practices and implementation in our region and the world. We believe the public, as consumers, entrepreneurs, members of the community and policy makers play the greatest role in advancing sustainable environment.

As partners, we can create and establish a dedicated, community-wide commitment to the principles of sustainability.

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