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Improving Rural E-Connectivity:

Economic Resilience Strategy

The knowledge economy is so hard to find in rural America. What do we need to ​do? We need to design effective strategies that pave the way to build a digital infrastructure that brings more diverse economic activities and industry to the rural region. By doing this, the rural region will build a resilient economy that enables intelligent networks, attract high-tech companies, manufacturing, and make a career-ready workforce. E-connectivity is more than just connecting households, schools, and healthcare ​centers to each other as well as the rest of the world through high-speed internet. It is also a tool that enables increased productivity for farms, factories, forests, mining, and small businesses. e-connectivity is fundamental for economic development, innovation, advancements in technology, workforce readiness, and improved quality of life.​ 

The Nevada Green Institute is part of the Western Nevada Broadband Initiative, a coalition of local governments working to improve broadband connectivity. Your help is needed to pinpoint the region’s most unserved and underserved homes and businesses. By logging on to, a mapping tool that measures internet speeds, we can analyze home and business connectivity to identify strategies and funding solutions to improve our regional broadband infrastructure. It takes less than a minute and thanks for your help! content. You can change my font, size, line height, color, and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Progress Towards Efficiency

We need to make efficient products and related services and sustainability best practices cost-effective by enhancing public participation and decision-making. To increase the demand for efficient products, the consumers must know the product's benefits and affordability.

Why does efficient Technology matter?

1. Encourage innovation.

2. Engage the public to view energy and water consumption through the lenses of efficiency

3. Local government implements policies related to energy efficiency to improve community self-reliance, save consumers and citizens money, create local jobs, catalyze local economic investment, and protect the environment.

4. Inspire young generations to excel in science and engineering. 

Join us Invitation: Community Learning on Sustainability Initiative

Increasing public awareness of sustainability best practices through community learning prepares the public to

• Recognize issues,

• Understand the potential benefits of addressing such issues,

• Equip a community with new knowledge and ways of thinking to tackle the multifaceted problems of economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

• Understand the linkage between climate change and adopt sustainability best practices.

Please send us your suggestions, concerns, and questions. 

Contact us.

Thank you

 Community Learning on Sustainability 

Problems in the arena of Sustainability encompass many facets of society and involve many stakeholders. One of the most critical stakeholders in public is the community members, business owners, consumers, and voters.

However, when it comes to concerns about Sustainability, members of the public have highly varied understanding and priorities. Increasing community learning on Sustainability can help to create consensus and fill in gaps in knowledge critical thinking. Read more

Sustainability  Thinking and COVID-19:

Opportunity to build a ​Sustainable Future

Sustainability inspires collective thinking. It emphasizes the interdependence of economics, community, and the environment. Based on this framework, we can evaluate the consequences and impact of competing ideas, opportunities, and develop an action plan within the context of this interdependency. In this process, sustainability thinking brings out the best in us and advances the best action plan. At this moment, our decision-making process and strategies will impact the future of development.

Do we want to spend collective efforts and resources, including stimulus, to bring short term solutions or to learn from the current situation and lay the foundation for building a better world as we combat this virus?

According to Richard Florizone, President and CEO, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), “Our views are shaped by IISD’s threefold mission to advance a stable climate, sustainable resource development, and fair economies. From this perspective, three themes are emerging, Resilience, Stimulus, Inequality:” Three Ways the Coronavirus is Shaping Sustainable Development."


Nevada Green Institute values are based on 

Inclusive Collaboration (encourage cognitive diversity to bring innovative ideas),

 Community Respect, Harmony, 

and Preparing for the Future.

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1. Partnership: Please join our Internet of Things (IoT) Partnership to share your best practices in the making of your community.

2. Sponsorship: We provide a platform for sponsors to foster real connections with the community through its impact on creating smart and sustainable communities.


3. Donation:


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To support our specific projects, Please follow the link

Support Us

For more information about organization sponsorship, please contact: Aster Girma

Phone: 1(775)-434-8409

E-mail: [email protected] Mailing Address: Nevada Green Institute PO.Box 4043 Carson City, NV 89702

Thank you

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