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Learning to Change: Community Learning on Sustainability

Today, we have learned our collective action is powerful than ever. It will define who we are and create harmony with the planet, which we all love and care about.

Our joint efforts will encourage us to harness the collective vision.

Earth Day provides an opportune time to reflect on the state of our planet and our specific region. We are observing the directions in which these conditions are moving. In retrospect, we evaluate the actions that we have taken -personal and collective actions, how that affects the health of our region and the planet.

Sustainability discourse makes profound changes in thinking, in economic and social structures, and consumption and production patterns. Also, it involves citizens to take part in developing ideas, making decisions, and planning for the future.

Sustainability is a transformative process that provides communities with increased knowledge and awareness of sustainability issues and best practices. It emphasizes the interdependence of the economy, society, and the environment.

We need to start assessing how our actions impact the balance of these dynamic forces---the economy, community well-being, and the health of the environment.

The public awareness and understanding of sustainability concepts and practices will help the public to recognize their actions and decision-making within the context of the interdependency that exists between the community's well-being, economy, and environment.

An informed public is the engine for policy changes and contributes to the increased demand for efficient products and best practices.